Lincoln ABA Services & Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment

Using evidence-based practices, 360 Behavioral Horizons offers comprehensive Lincoln ABA services. Seek Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy in Nebraska with a committed team dedicated to providing quality care.

Applied Behavior Analysis in Lincoln, NE

ABA is a highly effective approach to address behavioral challenges and promote positive changes for individuals of all ages. This evidence-based method involves observation, analysis, and the implementation of interventions rooted in the science of learning and behavior. Practitioners in this field typically work closely with clients, family members, and other support systems to help clients develop positive behaviors no matter the environment.

At 360 Behavioral Horizons, we offer applied behavior analysis services in Lincoln, NE, teaching various skills, such as positive reinforcement, communication, social skills, and safety awareness, as well as a broad range of life skills.

Here’s what we aim to provide for residents of Lincoln, Nebraska:

  • Support for parents and caregivers: We empower families throughout their journey and provide support, resources, and understanding.
  • A network of quality care: We take referrals for clients and connect them with top-tier ABA services and a network of dedicated professionals.
  • A passionate team of clinicians: We value the passion of clinicians and partners who are driven to excel, and you can join our team of collaborators.

Our overall goal is to expand our services to underserved areas for ABA. That’s why we’ve brought our offerings to the Cornhusker State, embedding ourselves into the fabric of Nebraska communities.

Child receiving Nebraska ABA services and playing with a toy to help foster independence
Family with child gathered around a coffee table considering Lincoln ABA services and treatment

Choosing 360 Behavioral Horizons for ABA Treatment in Lincoln

We aim to make applied behavior analysis treatment in Lincoln accessible. So, our ABA services involve individualized treatment plans that cater to each individual. We have a team of clinicians with years of experience in applied behavior analysis treatment ready to provide Lincoln ABA services. Individuals who struggle with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other behavioral challenges can improve their overall quality of life using the principles of ABA.

Our applied behavior analysis services can help clients reach their full potential. We offer one-on-one therapy sessions designed to decrease problem behaviors and help individuals cultivate the skills they need to maintain positive interactions with others. Our team also provides support for students who have trouble participating in a classroom environment.

We understand that taking these initial steps can be daunting, so we’ve made the entire process of seeking behavioral health care easy for you and your family. If you’re interested in learning more about our team and how we can create a supportive environment for your child, you can schedule a consultation today.

Lincoln ABA Services & Therapy FAQ

What is ABA therapy?

Applied behavior analysis therapy is an evidence-based approach to understanding and changing behavior. This type of individualized treatment is meant to help individuals with developmental disabilities learn motor skills, social skills, self-care, communication, and many other life skills.

What problems does ABA therapy treat?

It treats behavioral, social, and communication challenges that individuals with developmental disabilities might experience. This can include behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, tantrums, and non-compliance. This type of therapy addresses speech and language development, social communication, and other areas that can help individuals with ASD lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

How does ABA therapy work in Lincoln, NE?

Therapy typically begins with an assessment to identify an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. From the assessment, clinicians will create a customized treatment plan to target any specific goals and promote positive behavior. ABA therapists in Lincoln also use evidence-based interventions to help individuals with ASD or other developmental abilities by providing structured support.

What happens in ABA therapy?

In ABA therapy, individuals use principles of applied behavior analysis to develop new skills and reduce any maladaptive behaviors. Therapy sessions might include structured activities, prompts, and positive reinforcement techniques.

Who is ABA therapy for?

Lincoln ABA services are designed to help individuals with developmental delays, such as those with ASD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If your loved one is struggling with communication difficulties, behavioral issues, or developmental delays, it may be beneficial to consider ABA therapy.

What are ABA services?

ABA services include evidence-based therapeutic approaches, such as one-on-one behavioral health treatment, social skills groups, parent and caregiver training, adaptive and functional living, school-based behavior intervention, and personal assistant services and behavior respite.

Why do people need ABA services?

Applied behavior analysis makes a significant impact on individuals with behavioral challenges, allowing them to learn skills that support their everyday quality of life. It teaches them to overcome behavioral barriers and make meaningful progress toward the goals they wish to achieve.

Who are ABA services for?

The individuals who benefit from ABA are typically those who have difficulty in areas such as communication, social interactions, emotional regulation, and other adaptive skills. These aren’t limited to age—anyone from a toddler to an adult can benefit from these services.

How can a Lincoln ABA therapist help my child?

An ABA therapist serves as a valuable resource to help your child with learning and behavioral challenges. They’re highly trained, which makes them skilled in systematic observation and analysis of behavior patterns. One-on-one sessions can help your child focus on addressing triggers, modifying the environment, and promoting better behaviors.

How are therapists assigned to my child at your Lincoln center?

Prior to starting therapy, each child will undergo an assessment. From there, our health care professionals will determine the best treatment plan for your child’s needs and assign the right therapists for a comprehensive plan.

What does a typical Lincoln ABA therapy session look like?

Treatment sessions will vary depending on the individual’s needs. An individual might partake in 1:1 ABA-based treatment sessions that focus on using structured opportunities to facilitate learning in a natural environment. This could last anywhere from two to five hours. Another day might involve working on behavior or communication skills in a social skills group. Sessions can be scheduled to fit each family’s needs, preferences, and availability.

What other areas do you serve besides Lincoln, NE?

Aside from Lincoln ABA services, we also serve Omaha, NE, and Kearney, NE.

What insurances do you accept for ABA services in Lincoln, NE?

We are in network and contracted with all major companies and health plans in the markets we serve. To learn more about the insurance providers and plans we accept, please contact our team for more information.